Undergraduate Accelerator Progression Requirements

Undergraduate Accelerator students can choose from three different tracks during your first year. After the Accelerator, you will progress into the degree of your choice with a full year's worth of credit towards graduation. Some degrees have different progression requirements – so be sure to check with your Student Services Advisor to make sure you have all the information you need to find success.

To see the specific requirements to transition from the Undergraduate Accelerator into your desired degree, browse the information below.

Questions? Contact your student advisor or a Pacific school official if you have a question about transferring credits or progressing into a particular degree.

Program Information

Major Degree Progression Requirement
College of the Pacific
Actuarial Science BS 2.0
Applied Mathematics BS 2.0
Art BA 2.0
Asian Language and Studies BA 2.0
Athletic Training BS 2.0
Biochemistry BS 2.0
Biological Sciences BA/BS 2.0
Chemistry BA/BS 2.0
Communication BA 2.0
Economics BA/BS 2.0
English BA 2.0
Environmental Studies BA 2.0
French BA 2.0
Geological and Environmental Sciences BA/BS 2.0
Graphic Design BFA 2.0
Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences BA 2.0
History BA 2.0
Mathematics BA/BS 2.0
Media X BA 2.0
Philosophy BA 2.0
Physics BA/BS 2.0
Political Science BA 2.0
Psychology BA 2.0
Religious Studies BA 2.0
Social Sciences BA 2.0
Sociology BS 2.0
Spanish BA 2.0
Studio Art BFA 2.0
Conservatory of Music
Composition BM 2.0, Audition required
Jazz Studies BM 2.0, Audition required
Music BA 2.0, Audition required
Music Education BM 2.0, Audition required
Music History BM 2.0, Audition required
Music Industry Studies BS 2.0
Music Management BM 2.0, Audition required
Music Therapy BM 2.0, Audition required
Performance: Brass & Percussion BM 2.0, Audition required
Performance: Piano BM 2.0, Audition required
Performance: Strings BM 2.0, Audition required
Performance: Voice BM 2.0, Audition required
Performance: Woodwind BM 2.0, Audition required
School for Pharmacy and Health Services
Speech-Language Pathology BS 2.0
School of Business
Business Administration BS 2.0
School of Education
Education (Diversified) BA 2.0
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Bioengineering BS 2.0
Civil Engineering BS 2.0
Computer Engineering BS 2.0
Computer Science BS 2.0
Electrical Engineering BS 2.0
Engineering Management BS 2.0
Engineering Physics BS 2.0
Mechanical Engineering BS 2.0
School of International Studies
International Affairs and Commerce BA 2.0
International Relations BA 2.0