Preparation for the Global Workplace

The Undergraduate Accelerator experience provides more than academic, language and cultural growth. With the included Career Accelerator program, you can also gain valuable professional skills that prepare you for a successful career.

The Career Accelerator is designed specifically for international students and includes:

  • Four semesters of professional development and career guidance
  • Skills-based training and opportunities for exclusive internships
  • Unique workshops, real-world experiences and cross-cultural group work

Four semesters. For your future.

Each semester of the Career Accelerator, you’ll build the experience and skills you need to be job-ready when you graduate. Here’s a preview:

Semester One

  • Self-Assessment
  • Major Exploration
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Personal Branding
  • Elevator Speech
  • Résumé/CV

Semester Two

  • Global Occupational Research
  • Informational Interviews
  • Mock Interviews
  • Cover Letters
  • Networking and Social Media
  • Career Focus Presentation

Semester Three

  • Mentor Matching
  • E-Portfolio Profile
  • Career Fairs, Externships and Job Shadows
  • Strategic Research Presentation

Semester Four

  • Career Action Plan
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Project
  • Progress Reflection Presentation

Pick the track that leads to your future

The Career Accelerator offers five tracks, so you can focus on what’s most helpful for your professional future.



For students preparing for an internship during college or for their job search once they graduate.

Family Business Development

Family Business Development

For students interested in pursuing a career strengthening and growing a family-owned business.

Advanced Degree Preparation

Advanced Degree Preparation

For students who plan to get a postgraduate or doctorate degree after their undergraduate degree.



For students who want to start, own and manage their own business after they get their degree.

Sponsored Business Development

Sponsored Business Development

For students participating in a corporate sponsorship program. Includes activities customized for that company or industry.


To participate in the Career Accelerator, you must be an Undergraduate Accelerator student who:

  1. Maintains at least 90% attendance for all Career Accelerator activities and workshops
  2. Completes all major milestone projects
  3. Remains in good academic standing at University of the Pacific and obtains the necessary paperwork to get CPT or OPT from the correct department

Exclusive Internship Opportunities

Once you complete the Career Accelerator, you gain access to exclusive internships at leading international companies. Your advisor will work with you to find an internship that fits your career goals.
Interested in entrepreneurship? You might intern at a rising startup in nearby Silicon Valley. Or if you’re in the Sponsored Business Development track, you could intern at a multi-national corporation like Google or Deloitte.

Your bright future starts with one click

The Career Accelerator is included for all qualified Undergraduate Accelerator students. Want to start your career well while studying in beautiful and exciting California? Then apply for the Undergraduate Accelerator at University of the Pacific!