Dining Costs

Studying, making friends and exploring California can make you very hungry. Luckily, University of the Pacific dining halls and other campus dining options serve delicious food from around the world.

Pacific offers a variety of dining options through different plans and facilities:

Each facility features a variety of menus, which include options such as salads, home-style soups, a wide selection of entrées and vegetables, freshly baked desserts and beverages. At least one vegetarian entrée is featured at each meal.

All students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan.
Instead of having a limited number of meals per day or year, you have the ability to use Dining Points to buy food that you want to eat, whenever and wherever you are hungry. The Resident Dining Account works like a debit card, which you load with prepaid funds at the beginning of each semester.

About Your Meal Plan

Students in the Undergraduate Accelerator are automatically assigned to one of the following plans depending on your housing options.

Students in the Residence Halls will have the Silver Meal Plan and students in the Townhouses will have the Bronze Plan.

Bronze Meal Plan*
Silver Meal Plan
dining points**: 705 per semester dining points**: 1,939 per semester

You can upgrade your meal plan to include more dining points at any time. To learn more, visit Pacific’s Meal Plans page.

*You can always go up in your meal plan but cannot drop down during a term. Your meal plan can be changed prior to the start of a new semester.
**300 dining points will carry over from semester to semester; anything over 300 points will be forfeited.

All dining points must be used by the end of the academic year. Dining points are not used during summer semester.