Extended Accelerator Program (EAP)

Looking for an immersive international study experience? The EAP combines language, culture and academics to give students a deep understanding of life in and out of the American classroom. Nervous about your English skills? The EAP includes personalized English-language instruction and tutoring.

As a student in the Extended Accelerator, you’ll receive:

Program Details

First-Year Program Length Program
Credits Earned
Toward Degrees
Progression Requirements Progression
3 semesters (12 months) Planned – some courses include domestic students 30+ 2.0 GPA and approval
from Accelerator team
Year 2 of degree

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Extended Accelerator Program at Pacific, you should have at least the following qualifications:*
 GPA Requirement  Minimum TOEFL®  Minimum IELTS™ Minimum Pearson Versant™
Only one of the scores below required
 2.5 60 – no subscore below 12 5.0 – no subscore below 4.5 45 – no subscore below 37

Want additional English-language help? Consider adding the Pre-Sessional English Program to your EAP experience.

Applications with scores below the published minimums are not automatically denied and will still receive consideration from the college.

*Note that colleges may set higher minimums for consideration of admission to certain programs. Please refer to the college’s requirements for additional information.

Sample Coursework

 Semester 1  Semester 2 Semester 3
Pacific and the World
Live, Learn, Grow

English for Academic Purposes I
Mathematics and Formal Logic
Live, Learn, Grow
English for Academic Purposes II
Individual & Interpersonal Behavior (with English Studio)
Mathematics and Formal Logic
Live, Learn, Grow
Pacific Seminar I
Global Studies or U.S. Studies
Visual & Performing Arts (with English Studio)
Natural Sciences
Total credits: 30+
Based on your choice of major, your Learning Track course will be in one of three areas:
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Information Sciences
  • Business, Finance and Economics


*Students will be given Pacific’s math placement test to enroll in the appropriate math course as part of their general education requirements. This test will only be offered on campus after students arrive. Students will be given only one chance to repeat the test during the first week of class if they are not satisfied with their placement.

If a student does not obtain the minimum math placement test score required for first year students, the student’s program may be extended as necessary, and the student will either have to take a remedial math course or follow a self-study plan to improve their math skills and meet the fundamental requirements. This option may result in the extension of student’s original study plan.


Build your career before it even begins

Included in the Undergraduate Accelerator, the Career Accelerator is a two-year program focused on professional development so you can stand out when you apply for jobs. Learn valuable skills, gain real-world experience, and customize your experience to fit your goals.

Improve your English in just 1 semester

Some international students want to get even better with English before they start the Extended Accelerator Program. That’s why we offer the Pre-Sessional English add-on. With additional English-language assistance, you’ll feel more comfortable in American classrooms.

You’re Ready for the Challenge

And we’ll help. We simplify the Extended Accelerator Program application process for you. So you can focus on becoming the best international student you can be.