Pre-Sessional English

Want to prepare yourself for English-speaking classrooms? With the Pre-Sessional English Program, you get the strong language support you need to feel more comfortable learning in English.

Once you complete the Pre-Sessional English Program, you’ll transition into the Extended Accelerator Program and start working towards your degree.

Program Information

First-Year Program Length Program
Credits Earned
Toward Degrees
Progression Requirements Progression
1 semester (16 weeks) Planned – all courses exclusive
to Accelerator students
Not applicable Successful completion
of the Pre-Sessional
English Program
Extended Accelerator Program

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Pre-Sessional English add-on program at Pacific, you should have at least the following qualifications:
 GPA Requirement  Minimum TOEFL®  Minimum IELTS™ Minimum Pearson Versant™
Only one of the scores below required
 2.5 60 or below 5.0 or below 45 or below

Build your career before it even begins

Included in the Undergraduate Accelerator, the Career Accelerator is a two-year program focused on professional development so you can stand out when you apply for jobs. Learn valuable skills, gain real-world experience, and customize your experience to fit your goals.

“I learned essential skills for dealing with people of diverse backgrounds—people skills, problem solving and critical-thinking skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills.”

Michael Jimenez, Engineering Management student