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15 Common Slang Words On U.S. Campuses

Common slang words on U.S. campuses


Slang is a familiar concept to most of us. It’s very informal language used by particular groups of people. We use slang to show that we belong to a certain community. U.S. students have a language of their own. If you plan to attend an American university, knowing local slang may help you adjust to college life faster.

You may have seen our video clip on this topic. In this post we explore even more slang words used on U.S. campuses.



Means: Relax, calm down, or be easy-going.

Example: What are you guys up to tonight? We’re done with exams and school stuff, so we’ll just chill tonight.



Means: A casual greeting used instead of first names, primarily between males.

Example: Hey dude, how’s it going?



Means: Similar to “dude,” “bro” is used instead of first names among friends, typically male.

Example: What’s up, bro?



Means: “Lib” is the short form of “library.”

Example: I’m heading to the lib tonight.



Means: “Mag” stands for “magazine”.

Example: Can you give me the name of the building where you can go to study, read a cool mag, take a nap, or just chill? It’s the lib. (See what we did there?)



Means: Many U.S. students call their professors “prof” when referring to them among friends. Calling professors “prof” to their faces is typically considered too informal.

Example: My Economics prof checks our attendance every single day!



Means: “Legit” is the short form of “legitimate” (by the way, “legitimate” means reasonable and acceptable, or lawful).

Example: The 95% off sale at the game store is totally legit.



Means: Roommate.

Example: My roomie and I are going to go to the hockey game tonight.



Means: If you live in a campus dorm, you’ll probably hear students refer to the resident assistant, a student who supervises the dorm community, as the “RA”.

Example: My RA is really cool.



Means: We really hope that you will be a “nerd,” because it refers to a person who really enjoys learning. (Just kidding! But be a nerd sometimes).

Example: That’s my favorite class! I’m a history nerd.



Means: When you’re so excited for something, you can say “I’m amped”.

Example: I’m so amped for the upcoming hockey game!


12.What’s up?

Means: Hi, or hello. (I still remember the first time I bumped into one of my classmates and he asked me “What’s up?!” I didn’t know what he meant! Then I googled the phrase and figured out that “What’s up?” is a way to say “Hi”)

Example: Hey, Sharon! What’s up?

* To respond to this greeting, say “not much” if you don’t have anything new to share (or when you’re in hurry).


13.Hang out

Means: “Hang out” means to spend time or do something with friends. You will probably hear this when a friend wants to do something like having dinner, catching a movie, etc.

Example: I’m going to hang out with my best friend this weekend. OR Hey dude! Long time no see. We should hang out some time.


14.I’m down

Means: You agree with an idea or are interested in something. So if someone asks you to hang out and you want to do it, you can say “I’m down .”

Example: Wanna go to the movies tonight? Oh yeah, I’m down.


15.I dunno

Means: If it sounds a lot like “I don’t know,” there’s a reason for that: it is. “I dunno” is the short form of “I don’t know.”

Example: Where are my sneakers? I dunno.


Alright. That’s it! Pick some slang words that you like the most and try using them in conversation when you have a chance.


Have fun!



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