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Favorite Snacks in America : Ahmad Bayati

Ahmad Bayati

Through my conversations with people about American snacks, I have come to appreciate that Cheez-It™ definitely takes the prize. Every household that I have been to has Cheez-It. This snack is cheesy, salty, and a quick thing to munch on, so who wouldn’t grab such a quick, filling snack?

After realizing this, I started to looking into people’s favorite snacks. Doritos® came up a lot, pretzels, Cheetos™, trail mixes, Frito-Lay® chips, Cheerios™ , Oreo™ , and pizza rolls. Therefore, I started gathering more information on the Internet and started to wonder if there was a list somewhere. According to an article published by Eat This, Not That!, Cheez-It is undoubtedly the number one snack in America for 2019, followed by Doritos™ : “The original nacho cheese-flavored Doritos are delicious on their own right, but the cool ranch variety may as well fall in a league of their own,” says Cheyenne Buckingham. Surprisingly enough, Oreo™ cookies rank twenty-fifth (last) on that list. In my opinion, Oreo™ cookies are more of a top-ten type of snack! The same goes for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, ranked thirteenth.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® , from my experience, are one of the most beloved snacks for many teens. Need a quick bite? Grab this snack! (If you’re not used to spicy food, this might hurt your stomach.) Craving something spicy? Grab Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® . Want something crunchy with a good amount of flavor? Grab Flamin’ Hot Cheetos® . Those were the habits of my high school and college friends. That says something, this snack is addicting!

I thought Oreo™ cookies were universally a favorite—I guess not. Personally, I love the mint-flavored Oreo™ . They also come with other flavors such as lemon, pumpkin (for Halloween), birthday cake, and many others. They come in different shapes, as well! Thin, mini, and, of course, the original Oreo™ size. According to Buckingham, “The Creme slathered between two chocolate cookies is perhaps one of the most satisfying food items to dunk in a cold glass of milk.” Oreo™ cookies are a good snack, if you are craving something sweet.

With all that being said, give all the snacks that look intriguing a taste! Being the most popular snack does not necessarily mean that it is going to be your personal favorite. Try things! You can use recommendations as stepping stones, then let curiosity lead you to trying more things into creating your own top list of snacks here in America!



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