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My Top 5 Study Spots : Marco Lin

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Hi, everyone! I’m Marco. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you guys my top five study spots.

(1) The dorm: The most comfortable spot for me is in my room. Due to my major, which is computer science, sometimes I need to code using multiple monitors. It can help me finish my coding efficiently. I know that many others say they feel sleepy when at home. But, my best study spot at home is on my bed. I enjoy lying on the bed and reading my textbook. It helps me to relax my body and keep my brain focus on tasks.

(2) UOP International’s Elbert Covell Hall: There are not too many people who know this place, except for international students. This place is so quiet, and there is a PlayStation4 and table games that you can play with other students when you need a break. The best thing here is the free snack bar. We can make free coffee to wake up and enjoy cookies, candy and other snacks. You can restore your energy at any time.

(3) Don and Karen DeRosa University Center: The third spot on my list is our dining hall, the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center (DUC). I often enjoy food while doing my assignments. I have been there to do programming from lunchtime to dinnertime—here, you don’t need to worry about getting hungry. Plus, it’s a time-saver for me to walk from my dorm to the dining hall to grab a bite. And the study room at the library is usually hard to reserve. When I have some assignments need to be discussed, DUC is the best choice.

(4) Library: I rank the library fourth because it’s a bit far from my dorm. And a downside to the library is that many people there talk loudly. And, as I’ve mentioned before, the reserving study rooms is difficult because they are in high demand. But the library is still a good place to study. When you are in an environment in which many people are studying hard, it inspires you to study more.

(5) John T. Chambers Engineering Technology Center (CTC): I choose this building because my courses are all located here. Sometimes, when I have only two hours between classes, I will stay in the same place to do my assignments to save time. One of the advantages of studying in this building is that you can meet many other students here. Sometimes, you can find somebody to help you out!


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