San Francisco Campus Life

University of the Pacific, San Francisco Campus is located in the heart of SoMa district and is a 395,000 sq. foot building and is home to the Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry, as well as graduate programs across the areas of data science.

San Francisco Campus Highlights

  • Home to some of the world’s most influential companies (Apple, Google, Uber, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Walk or bike along the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Rated a Best-Value College in the U.S. by The Economist magazine
  • San Francisco has endless arts, dining and cultural events
Inside University of the Pacific San Francisco Campus building

Safety and Security Services

Public Safety Services

San Francisco Campus Public Safety Officers have constant communication with the city police dispatch center and work closely with city officers.

Public Safety Services
Pacific is one of only two private universities in California whose Public Safety officers have full police officer powers. Public Safety offers a full range of police services on campus through the implementation of safety programs and features.


Safety Tips Guide
Grab a copy of this handy guide to ensuring your personal safety around town. Download it here ›

Staying active and healthy

Pacific has on-campus services to meet your health care needs. Visit a doctor without leaving campus, and stay active and happy.

Pacific Health Center

Pacific Health Services is located on the 5th floor, Suite 513. Our nurse practitioner (NP) provides primary care services for the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, routine physicals, immunizations, referrals, medication management and women’s care.  For more details, see the services page.


UOP Health Services Center is located on the 5th floor, Suite 513. This includes Student Health Services and Counseling Services, and its staff are ready to help you with anything from primary care services for the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, to routine physicals and immunizations, to medication management and women’s care. Counseling Services helps students who are encountering depression, anxiety, adjustment problems and/or who are experiencing emotional distress. You can easily book appointments online and the office is adjacent to the campus, making it easily accessible.


There are many gyms nearby campus that are located in San Francisco. Join a gym, take classes, walk along the beach or bay bridge for a good exercise!
Student do yoga on the quad on a sunny day

Feeling hungry?

At University of the Pacific’s San Francisco campus, the entire city is your guide to dining. Known for its eclectic style and taste, you can eat your way around the world without leaving San Francisco. With San Francisco’s dedication to fresh, regional, seasonal ingredients it has been rated one of the Best Cities for Food in America by The Daily Meal (2017).

While on campus students can choose a mix of cooking in their off-campus residence and dining at area restaurants. There are no dining hall options or meal plans available on campus.