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Our Team of Superheroes Help You Every Step of Your Study Abroad Journey!

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Studying abroad for the first time is a big challenge. You may experience changes in many aspects of your life, from academics and language to culture and weather. You may be able to adjust to those changes on your own, but it is common to experience fear, frustration, loneliness, or homesickness.

To help you manage your transition into life in the U.S., our team of Student Services Advisors—our Superheroes!—will help you every step of the way.

What is a Student Services Advisor (SSA)? An SSA is a team member from UOP International that helps international students adapt to their new lives with ease. When you arrive at UOP, you will be assigned an SSA who will help you coordinate everything right from the start.

So, What can an SSA help you with?


1. Pre-arrival and orientation

UOP International’s main goal is making sure you feel at home and comfortable from the first moment you arrive on campus. We do this by picking you up at the airport, preparing your housing before you arrive, checking you into your housing, and throwing a party for you the first night of your arrival here in the U.S.

Throughout orientation, our SSA team works with orientation leaders to answer any questions you may have about campus, your classes, and your initial experience. During this week our focus is on getting to know you, so you can feel comfortable with your advisors as resources for help with academics, social issues, or culture shock. Your SSA will meet with you for two hours to talk about what to expect in higher education in the U.S., including using Blackboard (an online course management platform), class participation, and how to speak with your professor.

2. Language improvement

Language barriers can make it difficult to adjust to your new life when studying abroad. To make your transition as easy and productive as possible, UOP International sets you up for success with English-language support.

3. Academics

Each SSA has plenty of information and experience in helping prepare you for success. For example, in just the first meeting each SSA will instruct you on how to check class syllabi, calculate your GPA, review teachers’ office hours, sign up for tutoring resources, hone your study skills, and get familiar with the academic calendar.

4. Social life

UOP International understands the benefit of students having good relationships with campus staff: a feeling of belonging on campus. So we organize a calendar of events that we sponsor for our students. This is a chance for us to have fun with you outside of advising/class and connect you with more students and campus staff at UOP.

5. Wellbeing

Although academics are vital to your student life, we recognize that holistic wellness is also important to your wellbeing as a student. Your SSA will check on multiple areas of wellness in every single meeting with you, such as health, quality of life, and social and campus involvement.


Study abroad is a long journey, and we really hope that it will be enjoyable for you. We know that it is a big transition, but you aren’t going to go through it alone! We are here to help you every step of the way; just reach out to us when you need help.




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