Pre-Sessional English

Want to prepare yourself for English-speaking classrooms? With the Pre-Sessional English Program, you get the strong language support you need to feel more comfortable learning in English.

Once you complete the Pre-Sessional English Program, you’ll transition into the Extended Accelerator Program and start working towards your degree.

Program Information

First-Year Program Length Program
Credits Earned
Toward Degrees
Progression Requirements Progression
1 semester (16 weeks) Planned – all courses exclusive
to Accelerator students
Not applicable Successful completion
of the Pre-Sessional
English Program
Extended Accelerator Program

Program Description

This 16-week English program aligns with the university semester. Students are prepared to listen, speak, read and write academic English. The core English language curriculum consists of seven levels, aligned with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).

Program Structure

Students take three hours of core courses daily. These courses prepare students to write cohesive academic assignments and participate confidently in their classroom discussions. Students will take*:

  • 7.5 hours: Applied Integrated Skills, focusing on academic listening, speaking and reading practice.
  • 7.5 hours: Grammar in Context, focusing on grammar and academic writing.
  • 5 hours: Special Academic Topics, focusing on a language skill or content area.

Total Weekly Classroom Hours = 20

*Schedules may be adapted for the summer semester and/or based on student needs.

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Pre-Sessional English add-on program at Pacific, you should have at least the following qualifications:

 GPA Requirement  Minimum TOEFL®  Minimum IELTS™ iTEP™
Only one of the scores below required
 2.5 50 or below 5.0 or below 3.0 or below
Anticipated Pre-Sessional Program Duration: TOEFL iBT® IELTS™ iTEP™
Pre-Sessional 1 Term 50 4.5 2.5 – 2.9
Pre-Sessional 2 Terms 40 4 2.0 – 2.4
Pre-Sessional 3+ Terms Below 40 0.0 – 3.5 1.0 – 1.9

*All students will be tested upon arrival to confirm program duration

Important Dates

For all application and payment deadlines as well as move-in and program start dates, please visit the Important Dates page.


Entering Fall 2019 Entering Spring 2020 Entering Summer 2020
Tuition and Fees $7,004 $7,004 $7,004
Housing $3,529-$5,193 $3,529-$5,193 $1,500-$3,000
Dining $989-$2,999 $989-$2,999 N/A—no summer dining
Health Insurance $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Total $13,522-$17,196 $13,522-$17,196 $10,504-$12,004

*Prices are shown per semester of Pre-Sessional English

*Fall 2019-Summer 2020 : Health Insurance is $2,000 (USD) and is charged on an annual basis.

*Summer semesters have housing in 10 week sessions at $1,500 for each session. There is no meal plan during the summer semester, students may use their debit/credit card or cash to purchase food on campus.

UOPI English Language Institute Accredited by CEA

The University of the Pacific UOPI English Language Institute is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period August 2020 through August 2025 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S. For further information about this accreditation, please contact CEA, 1001 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 630, Alexandria, VA 22314, (703) 665-3400,

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