How Much Will It Cost?

2018 Estimated Annual Costs (Fall Semester Start)

2 Semesters3 Semesters
Tuition and Fees $48,247–$52,411 USD$56,137–$58,346 USD
Housing$6,888–$10,478 USD$9,275–$12,865 USD
Dining$1,930–$5,461 USD$1,929–$5,522 USD
Health Insurance$3,458–$3,669 USD$3,458–$3,669 USD
Total$60,523 USD–$72,019 USD$70,799 USD–$80,402 USD

60+ degrees, including the one for you.

At University of the Pacific, you can major in anything from Chemistry to Jazz Studies to International Affairs and Commerce. In fact, many Pacific students choose to double major!