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UOPI Student Stories: Meet Basma!

Basma Haasam

Hi, I’m Basma Haasam from Egypt, and I am a sophomore in my third semester at Pacific. I progressed in spring 2018 from the UOPI program. My major is in biology, and I will be applying to dental school (a pre-dent program) to attend after my undergraduate studies are finished.

When I first came to Pacific, UOPI staff members helped ease my transition and lessened my culture shock. Maryela took me to the housing office, took care of my documents and keys, gave me a tour, took me to the house, and introduced me to the resident assistant. Chad, my student services advisor, was amazing. He would drop everything he was doing to help me. He helped me with registration, advisor introductions, IPS introductions, and paperwork, and he explained everything to me. He introduced me to campus resources, told me about events on campus, and talked about places to hang out in Stockton. He told me about the bus station, how to use it, and how to buy tickets. UOPI helped me plan for the future by providing on-campus job requirements, assistance with résumés, information sources, and interview tips. This information gave me the knowledge of what to expect when job hunting and the courage to follow through.

My favorite hobbies are reading, writing, and watching TV. One of my favorite books, The Happiness Hypothesis, taught me that passion, virtue, and happiness come from within, and the journey you take is what really matters. I realized that I love writing because of my PACS 1 &2 courses at Pacific.

My advice for students is to join programs and clubs and socialize right away and try to make friends. You shouldn’t try to make it through your time in college alone. Talk to professors, because they will help you no matter what the problem is, whether it’s academic or social. Go to their office hours and meet with the teacher assistants. They will look after you and help as much as possible. Lastly, don’t worry too much; it’s okay if your plans shift, because you’ll find out what you really like.

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