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UOPI Student Stories: Meet Claudia!


Meet Claudia! She was an AAP student in UOP International and progressed in spring 2018.


Hi, I’m Claudia! I came from Indonesia and am studying civil engineering as a sophomore at University of the Pacific. I chose Pacific because it presents students with a beautiful campus, friendly faculty, and many opportunities for students to express themselves. Pacific has a CO-OP program for their engineering students that provides opportunities for students to receive career training with pay. Another incentive is the small class sizes that allow for more interaction with the professors on campus. I have a strong relationship with most of my professors, and this has made it a lot easier to build many connections through networking.


UOPI has helped me with a range of things, including transportation from the SFO Airport to campus, finding a place to stay during my freshmen year, placement testing, and choosing my course schedule. UOPI staff and instructors help improve students’ abilities, while the 1-on-1 with student advisors provides encouragement and support. Receiving a scholarship from UOP International also helped make Pacific the right choice for me.


I love to travel, and the best part of traveling is getting to know places and people and having experiences that you’ve never had before or will have in the future. Coming to UOPI has allowed me to meet new people while improving my interpersonal skills and building confidence. I’ve been able to go to a lot of new places and restaurants. My favorite things to try are new foods—especially desserts! The Bay Area, particularly San Francisco and San Jose, are my favorite nearby cities to visit. My favorite place in San Francisco to visit is Twin Peaks, because from there I am able to see a lot of the landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, and downtown skyscrapers.

I’m currently a student worker as a Technical Support Specialist at the Pacific Technology Help Desk. The position allows me to interact with lots of students, faculty, and staff to provide IT services. My colleagues are supportive, helpful, and kind, and I’ve learned a lot from them. I chose to work on campus because I wanted to gain work experience. The reason why I chose an on-campus job is because it allows flexibility and allows me to maximize my skills.


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