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Restaurants in Stockton!

Stockton California

Experience cultures from all over the world right here in the diverse array of Stockton restaurants. Whether you want cheap eats or fine dining, our city has it all. From Japanese or Thai food to Mexican or Mediterranean cuisine, you’ll be sure to find lots of new things you enjoy.



(Yen Du Restaurant, PC CeeCee T.)


Yen Du Restaurant

A homey restaurant with welcoming staff and nice Chinese food. Here, you’ll find many appetizers, meat dishes, chow mein, and seafood. Price: $11-$30. 2.2 miles away from campus.


Sherman’s 2 Chinese Buffet

Sherman’s 2 has great portions for the price, whether you want to dine in at the buffet or take your food to go. The staff is always friendly too. Price: Under $10. 1.8 miles away from campus.


New Shanghai Restaurant

Offering both takeout and dine-in, New Shanghai Restaurant has lots of options for fried rice, tofu dishes, seafood and meat dishes, and soup. Price: Under $10. 2.1 miles away from campus.



(Yujin Ramen and Noodle Bar, PC Rachel K.)


Yujin Ramen and Noodle Bar

Located only a couple blocks away from campus, Yujin is your stop for ramen and curry rice. The cozy environment is perfect for a get-together with friends. Price: $10 and under. 0.2 miles away from campus.


Cocoro Japanese Bistro & Sushi Bar

Cocoro has a great deal of different sushi, appetizers, salads, noodles, and meat. The portion sizes are good and the restaurant is situated near other establishments frequented by college students. Price: $11-$30. 0.8 miles away from campus.



(Seoul Soon Dubu, PC Carmen H.)


Seoul Soon Dubu

Seoul Soon Dubu has a variety of Korean food to suit your cravings for Korean barbeque, bibimbap, japchae, and more. Price: $11-$30. 0.8 miles away from campus.



Bring your friends to Bonchon, home of amazing Korean fried chicken. Make sure to try their soy garlic fried chicken wings and other dishes such as japchae and udon. Price: $11-$30. 3.7 miles away from campus.



(Siamese Street Thai Restaurant, PC S C.)


Siamese Street Thai Restaurant

Try some authentic Thai cuisine at Siamese Street Thai restaurant. There are lots of options for both lunch and dinner, as well as tasty dessert and drinks. Price: $11-$30. 0.2 miles away from campus.



(Mama’s Pho and Sandwiches, PC Rachel K.)


Mama’s Pho and Sandwiches

Satisfy your pho and banh mi needs here! Mama’s Pho and Sandwiches has food for any meal of the day, as well as classic Vietnamese coffee. Price: Under $10. 3.4 miles away from campus.


Pho Saigon Bay

Fast service, nice food, and affordable prices make up Pho Saigon Bay. The delicious pho, rice plates, and more will definitely cure your cravings Price: Under $10. 1.9 miles away from campus.



(Swagat, PC Linh H.)


Sammy’s Kitchen

Like spicy food? Head over to Sammy’s Kitchen to try some authentic Indian and Pakistani halal food. Price: $11-$30. 3.8 miles away from campus.



Perfect for those who want halal food, Swagat can fill your desire for spicy dishes. During lunch, they also have a buffet. Price: $11-$30. 1.5 miles away from campus.



(Burnie’s, PC Rita’s P.)


Market Tavern

Looking for some steak, sandwiches, pasta, or pizza? Look no further than Market Tavern for a classy atmosphere and meal. $11-$30. 2.8 miles away from campus.


Midnight at Burnie’s

Burnie’s is a well-known hangout spot for college students due to its chill environment and late-night hours. Make sure to try out the delicious milkshakes and Burnie Fries! Price: Under $10. 5 miles away from campus.


Michael’s New York Style Pizza

For a good time with friends, get some fresh New York style pizza here! There’s a wide variety of toppings and combinations, as well as appetizers, salads, soups, and other side orders. Price: $11-$30. 1 mile away from campus.



(Kabob & Gyro House, PC Sharayah C.)

Kabob & Gyro House

At Kabob & Gyro House, you will be able to try traditional Mediterranean foods ranging from falafels and kabobs to Greek salads and gyros. Price: $11-$30. 2.4 miles away from campus.



(Tepa Taqueria, PC Jalisha P.)



With a beautiful view of the waterfront, Nena’s is your stop for authentic Mexican food. Bring your friends for a lunch or dinner hangout and have some appetizers, chimichangas, tortas, or burgers.

Price: $11-$30. 3.2 miles away from campus.


Taco’s El Mayita

Tacos El Mayita is a taco truck with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more, along with many choices of meats. The portions are fantastic for the price. Price: Under $10. 2.3 miles away from campus.


Tepa Taqueria

Tepa Taqueria is loaded with selections of lunch plates, burritos, tostadas, enchiladas, and more. It’s also conveniently located in College Square Shopping Center. Price: Under $10. 1.1 miles away from campus.



(L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, PC Kris T.)


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Treat yourself to some unique Hawaiian food for your next meal by stopping by L&L’s. Make sure to show your ID card for a free fountain drink! Price: Under $10. 1 mile away from campus.



(Bayon, PC Michelle H.)


Bayon (Vietnamese + Cambodian)

Offering low prices and a cozy environment, Bayon is a good place for a filling meal. Try out the numerous rice plates and noodles, and don’t forget to show your student ID for $1 off your order. Price: Under $10. 1.5 miles away from campus.



(Dream Ice Cream Parlor, PC Rachel K.)


Dream Ice Cream Parlor

DREAM stands for “desserts rule everything around me,” which is certainly true at this ice cream parlor. With lots of flavors and special desserts like puffles and their well-known Dream Bun, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Price: Under $3.5-$8. 2.7 miles away from campus.



Conveniently located near places like 99 Cents Only Stores and Planet Fitness, T4 is a popular hangout spot for Pacific students. With a variety of tea, snacks, and games, it’s a great place for friends to destress and bond. Price: Under $5 (for drinks). 1.1 miles away from campus.


Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon specializes in salted cheese drinks, but it also has classic teas, matcha beverages, yakult drinks, and slushies. There are also games to keep you and your friends entertained. Price: Under $6. 2.4 miles away from campus.


Tea Daze

Rocking a cool interior and interestingly-named milk teas, Tea Daze is one of the newest tea spots in town. They even have honey boba here. Price: Under $5. 1 mile away from campus.


Tigers Yogurt

Try some delicious frozen yogurt close to campus! Tigers Yogurt has lots of flavors and good toppings to choose from. Cash only. Price: $2-$7. 1 mile away from campus.


Paleteria Y Neveria La Michoacana

Here, you’ll be able to have yummy Mexican treats! There are lots of flavors of ice cream and you can get cakes, sundaes, milk smoothies, and root beer floats. Price: Under $10. 0.8 miles away from campus.

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