Why Study at University of the Pacific?

Hear why these international students chose UOP and what their experience is like so far.

Alice, Myanmar
Major: International Business

“One of my favorite things about Pacific, are the professors. I really like the professors here, they’re really kind and considerate towards students. They’re always willing to help us.”

Anh image

Anh, Vietnam

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“I chose Pacific to study as an engineer because this school has a really good background and faculty and facilities. UOPI has helped me a lot by creating lot’s of English classes for me, allowing me to overcome my English barrier."
Zahab image

Zahab, Pakistan

Major: Business Law

“I decided to come to UOP because I wanted a university that would actually look after students rather than it’s own reputation. I wanted somebody who would actually cater on how I can progress towards my career goals and achievements to become a notable alumni.”
Yode image

Yode, China

Major: Computer Science

“I think that the education in the United States is much better than that in China. Coming out of my country was a challenge for me, I had to solve a lot of things by myself. It has allowed me to make a lot of friends.”
Vlad, Ukraine
Major: Business Administration

“I like the diversity here. I get to talk to a lot of people from all over the globe. It makes me feel really good because I get to know as many cultures as I want to.”

60+ degrees, including the one for you.

At University of the Pacific, you can major in anything from Chemistry to Jazz Studies to International Affairs and Commerce. In fact, many Pacific students choose to double major!