Your Authentic U.S. University Experience Is Ready

It’s no surprise that University of the Pacific becomes a home away from home for everyone on its campus. As a UOP International student, you’ll benefit from the full U.S. college experience including meeting students from around the country and around the world, adjusting to living at a new school in the U.S. and experiencing Pacific to the fullest. So, whether you’re studying in your private room or hanging out with your new friends on campus, you’ll find your home at University of the Pacific.

Stockton Campus Living

At University of the Pacific’s Stockton campus, there are many different on-campus options. These convenient on-campus housing options come with all utilities included. There are also dining plans that allow you to buy food that you want to eat, whenever and wherever you’re hungry.

San Francisco Campus Living

As a graduate student at Pacific’s San Francisco campus, you may live wherever you choose. UOP International has partnered with other institutions to offer students fully-furnished, top-of-the-line student residences in the Bay Area. You may also find a residence on your own.
For dining, San Francisco is known for its eclectic style and taste, allowing you to eat your way around the world without leaving the city. With San Francisco’s dedication to fresh, regional, seasonal ingredients, it has been rated one of the Best Cities for Food in America by The Daily Meal (2017). There are no dining hall options or meal plans available on Pacific’s San Francisco campus.

Experience California Through Food

Food brings people together across cultures and locations. University of the Pacific offers a variety of campus dining options that cook up delicious food from around the world. Your meal plan at Pacific:

  • Fits your schedule and lifestyle
  • Offers any type of cuisine you’re craving, including salads, soups, desserts and vegetarian options
  • Allows you to easily plan social gatherings with your friends so you can eat together

Need a meal on-the-go while rushing to class? University of the Pacific's Stockton campus has its own food truck dining option—no utensils required! Or if you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop to meet up with a study group, the Davey Café is conveniently located inside the William Knox Holt Memorial Library. The choice is yours!

Did You Know?

Pacific's all-you-care-to-eat dining halls on the Stockton campus serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. So you can enjoy food from around the world, right on campus. You can even suggest they serve your favorite meal from home.