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Welcome to Pacific! Fall 2018 Student Orientation Recap



Throughout August 2018, UOP International welcomed a total of 88 students from China, Kuwait, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Myanmar, South Korea, Ukraine, Hong Kong, many different countries around the world!


Throughout orientation: we picked up students from the San Francisco and Sacramento airports, we went shopping at Target and had a welcome dinner. We had a blast at Pacific’s and UOPI’s orientation! We also hosted a dinner and movie night and enjoyed watching Avenger’s: Infiniti War. On the last day of orientation, we explored Old Sacramento and went on a boat ride through the Sacramento river.


The Pacific team is thrilled to have our Fall 2018 cohort students on campus, and we want to send a warm welcome out to all of our new tigers!


Experience Pacific and learn about all of the benefits of being a Pacific student!

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